zondag 16 december 2012

Silly faces, an hysterical lampshade and loads of beer.

Yesterday a had a party of one of my best friend Sander, it was crazy shit. 
People were singing out loud with the music and were dancing everywhere.
Jasper thought it was a great idea to put the hysterical lampshade on his head and Pim gave everyone a 'beer-shower.'

Boris and Oscar were dancing with an ugly ass paper-cutout which they called 'Karin.'
Later that night Boris made a fire with a few other guys and for some reason Boris was angry at 'Karin' so he threw her in the fire.
Boris and the guys where dancing around the fire and singing: 'FIRE, FIRE, FIREEE!!!'

Later that night Tom asked people if it was okay to drew smileys on there hands. Dunno.

Sander's party was awesome and I think everyone would agree with me.